You Need Not Be Sick

The following is a newspaper advertisement from 1919 from a chiropractor in LA.

you need not be sick

Many ads for chiropractors in our day don’t advertise that they help with constipation!  I’d like to use this post to introduce a concept that many are unfamiliar with called “dis-ease”.

We all know that a disease is an ailment, sickness, or some non-healthy thing, but what is dis-ease?  The founder of chiropractic DD Palmer wrote about dis-ease a little over a century ago as he was developing the new profession of chiropractic. Ease as he believed it was your optimal state of health where all body processes were working in perfect harmony with each other.  Dis-ease then is when there is discord or disconnect within the body.

The above list describes some of the end effects of dis-ease in our body.  Chiropractic is a way to identify and re-connect these areas of dis-ease BEFORE they become a problem. How much is that worth to you?  Get some real HEALTH INSURANCE and get adjusted today.


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