Razor blades and Your Spine

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While I was shaving the other day I was struck by this thought.  Shaving is such a good analogy for chiropractic!

Okay maybe not for some but my mind is built for analogies and I will probably share more with you in the future.  So before you click over to watching kittens playing on youtube just hear this one out.

Why do we shave?  You won’t die if you don’t shave but yet it is something some of us do on a daily basis.  (FYI if you’re not shaving that often please consider it for the sake of your loved ones).  Men we shave our faces so that we don’t look like we’re hobos catching a ride on the next train.  Or if you’re like me, I shave because my kids complain about my “scratchy” face, and since I don’t want to scratch their skin off I oblige.  Women shave so they don’t look like Bigfoot!.  Yes I know that isn’t always the reason but in short women want to look good for others so they will feel better about themselves.

So how is this analogous to chiropractic?  Well here’s the big reveal.  You won’t die without Chiropractic….but you should do it regularly or you will probably be jobless, homeless, look like a bum, or a Sasquatch.  Ok not exactly, so allow me to explain.  Most of us who are adjusted regularly do so because it helps US feel better about ourselves.  When we feel good about ourselves it gives us confidence to take on the stresses in life.  However, we also do it to maintain our lives.  I have many clients who need chiropractic care or they would otherwise be calling in sick with pinched nerves, migraines, or shoulder problems.  It keeps us working at our life and helps us provide for our families.

I also wanted to offer this as an answer to a question I hear at least every week.  “Why do I have to get adjusted so much, can’t I just come in and you fix me in one visit?”.  I would just ask how often you need to shave.  If you want to look your best and feel your best then take care of yourself on a regular basis!

God bless,

Dr Dave Brannan

3 thoughts on “Razor blades and Your Spine

  1. Great analogy doc!! It also poses the question; does chiropractic care help save lives? I believe it does in certain cases.

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