Welcome to our blog

Hello and welcome to the blog for the doctors of Foothills Chiropractic and Basic Chiropractic.

We will be updating our blog with new and relevant news from the chiropractic and natural health are world.  We will also be discussing things that we feel are important for our clients to know.

A little about our offices

Foothills and Basic Chiropractic are jointly owned offices in the suburban Atlanta cities of Hiram/Powder Springs and Woodstock/Acworth.  We offer a broad range of chiropractic, massage, and nutrition services for our clients.

I asked a client of ours who’s been coming for over 20 years what he thought about the staff and I loved his response.  “Friendly”, to me that accurately describes what we are trying to do.  We aren’t too rigid and we try to serve our customers.  We practice the Golden Rule and our customers see it.

I hope you enjoy our content and we will do our best to serve you.

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